Saturday, March 2, 2013

Street photo in Ankara

I like to shoot street photos.
I like to shoot street photos with wide lenses. My preferred lens for street is an old Canon 17-35 L f2.8.

When you shoot with wide lens you have to go close to the action, you have to be in the photo. 24 mm too is a quite good lense to shoot street.

What I really don't like is who shoot with zoom in street. In my personal opinion in this way you are "stealing" something.

I know is not easy to stay into the action and shoot and have a natural feeling in the photo, but any zoom , in street, don't give the correct prospective like photographer.

My personal goal in street session is to stop a piece of "soul". Register on the sensor not only the moment, but, most important, the "soul" of the moment.
Some day I walk for hours and I take only few photos, because there is not the right feeling.
Some day in half hours I shoot like crazy.

Nice place to shoot in Ankara are the renewed Kuğulu Park, or near the Castle area of Ulus.
In the open market, PAZAR or HALI too is wonderful to shoot, for example early in the morning .

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